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Cora Novoa - Russian Bells

Music videos

I directed and photographed the latest music video for Cora Novoa.
This is the first part of a music video trilogy “Mental Diary” 

Working with a fantastic team:

Director: Ana Ibanez Lario
Production: Anicasklus + Seeking the velvet

Music by @coranovoa
DOP by @lucianariso
First assistance by @charli_maxx 
Producer by @svetxd
Runner by @carlacamin
Hair & Makeup by @belennavarrohair
Grade by @vladb.c at @cheat_it
Graphic design & credits by @elnhote 

Talent @andreaagirimia @lohandakota
@chanfyx @guille_reckless @_jiggy4life@faacil2000

Thank you for everyone to was part of this project and the support. Love above!!